9 Ways IQF Fruit Suppliers Boost Your Bottom Line

Published on: March 1, 2021

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Frozen berries and vegetables in plastic boxes on white wooden background.
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February 8, 2021
Plastic bags with different frozen vegetables in refrigerator
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A partnership with IQF fruit suppliers can be an efficient and economical business choice. But you may need help to answer some basic questions first, such as, what is IQF fruit or how can I find IQF fruit manufacturers? To solve your doubts, check out these nine ways IQF fruit suppliers can boost your bottom line and help your business thrive!

1. Cost Benefits

Delicious berries. Frozen strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

IQF fruit is a more cost-effective alternative to fresh fruit options. Both IQF fruits and vegetables offer the key cost-benefit of preservation.

So, whether you own a grocery store, restaurant, or shop, you’ll never again have to worry about food spoiling or over-ordering. Both of these mistakes can lead to grave economic issues on your bottom line.

Preservation will help manage and develop your ordering skills, so you or your staff do not have to be bogged down by coordinating meetings with fresh fruit suppliers, picking items, or ensuring freshness.


2. Maintain Quality

When partnering with an IQF frozen fruit supplier, trust that you will never have to give up quality for freshness.

IQF fruit involves an advanced freezing process that allows for the quality, freshness, and taste of food to be maintained at a high level. You may even find your preferred organic fruits and produce available in IQF processing.

IQF organic fruits are the ultimate way to appeal to your customer’s specific buying habits, maintain quality and support your business’s bottom line.

3. Stay in Season

Seasonal fruit is an essential and costly factor impacting your business’ profits.

Do you have customers who love their berries no matter the time of year? Or do you offer a popular dessert menu item that requires a special seasonal fruit?

IQF fruit allows you to always keep these seasonal food items on hand at a much more cost-effective rate which can help increase your overall business profits.

Unlike fresh seasonal fruit that may have high premiums and in high demand, by pre-ordering your IQF fruit, you are eliminating the stress and time associated with getting the ingredients you need to run your business.

4. IQF Fruit: The All-Star Ingredient

Frozen strawberry with crystals of ice on the blue background, selective focus image

Smoothies, shakes, pies, cobblers, fruit cups, yogurts… The list goes on and on!

These are all food items where IQF fruit can shine as an all-star ingredient. Due to advanced freezing technology, IQF fruit maintains its shape, taste, and flavor. Unique to IQF fruit, its ice-cold consistency makes it ideal for a wide variety of recipes. This means your bulk IQF manufacturer orders can be stretched even further, increasing your margins and profits.

Consider IQF fruit an all-star ingredient to help grow your all-star business!

5. Versatility

Did you know that many IQF fruit suppliers will allow you to mix and match orders to create your own distribution packs?

This versatile and cost-effective option allows you to create items like your own frozen fruit salad mix or frozen vegetable options. By customizing your orders and eliminating waste, this versatility approach only offered with IQF fruit is the ultimate way to lower your costs and get what your business needs.

When it comes to IQF fruit, versatility supports convenience. Check out this link: https://dieteticdirections.com/are-frozen-vegetables-healthy/ for easy ways IQF fruit and vegetables can be incorporated into everyday recipes.

6. Optimal Storage

Is your business tight on space? Are you continually shuffling orders and items around to make things fit?

IQF distributors can create efficient storage bags and containers for your IQF fruit, eliminating wasted freezer space and creating a streamlined organizational storage process.

Unlike fresh fruit that requires washing, drying, and air-tight storage to eliminate things like mold, IQF fruit is pre-packaged safely and can be stacked, stored, and packed together. Talk about efficiency!

This optimal storage solution will save your business time and aggravation, which will help boost your bottom line.

7. Buying in Bulk

Frozen raspberry and blueberry berries fell out of a disposable cup on gray background.

Did you know that customers have increased their frozen food purchases by 30%? Buying IQF fruit in bulk will help you keep up with your customer’s demands and maintain your profits.

Bulk orders mean that while other stores or establishments may have sold out of IQF fruit, your stock remains strong, making you that much more appealing and likely to contract repeat customers.

For more benefits and more information on buying IQF fruit in bulk, check out this link.


8. Healthy Choice

When partnering with an IQF fruit manufacturer, you may worry about sacrificing your customer’s health for your own cost-benefit.

However, this nutritionist argues that frozen fruits can be more healthy than fresh alternatives. The research supports that IQF fruit does not have additives or the same chemical treatments that fresh fruit may have. IQF fruit is considered healthier because it was picked and frozen at an optimal moment that maintained its nutritional value.

Some of your favorite fruits like blueberries are considered higher in nutritional value according to IQF treatment because the process develops the fruit’s natural levels of antioxidants.

Supplying your customers with healthy fruits without having to gouge your bottom line is an efficient business tactic to help increase your profits.

9. Find the Right Supplier

The right IQF fruit supplier will be willing to work with your business’ unique needs, interests, and budget. Whether you are considering buying IQF fruit for the first time or want to know more about the process, distributors are experts at guiding you.

However, it is crucial to recognize the wide variety of IQF fruits and food items and align those options to your specific customer needs.

SunLeaf offers a wide range of products to appeal to a variety of customers. Whether you need specific fruit items, mix and match IQF assorted bags, or even plant-based products, SunLeaf can offer what you need at the right price.

Remember, trusted suppliers like SunLeaf want to help you control your overhead, increase your margins and improve your business!

Still considering a partnership with an IQF supplier? Contact SunLeaf today to learn more about boosting your bottom line with IQF fruit.

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