Giving Back

C.H. Belt & SunLeaf contribute to the Circle of the Harvest in more ways than one.  As a business practice we buy what we need to fulfill our client’s needs. We all know that from time-to-time we over commit and hold on to inventory longer than we expected.  Fortunately, we have partners like the Los Angeles Mission and The Crossroads of Hope. We are able to share inventory throughout the year as well as serving at the L.A. Mission.  The L.A. Mission also acts more like a distributor and liaison to help sister shelters and crisis centers. Scott Johnson, Director of Operations from the L.A. Mission’s motto is, “We will find a home for all products that are shared with us.” We at C.H. Belt & SunLeaf feel very strongly about being part of the Harvest and contributing back to the Circle.

The Circle of the Harvest… That’s how we love…

Thank you

The C.H. Belt & SunLeaf Family…

We feel it’s our responsibility to continue ….

C.H. Belt & SunLeaf are proud to partner up with the
Los Angeles Mission.

Los Angeles Mission The Crossraods of Hope

… the Circle of the Harvest

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