Why You Should Look for Bulk Frozen Fruit Suppliers

Published on: May 21, 2020

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homemade frozen vegetables
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iqf food products
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bulk frozen fruit suppliers

Frozen, Plant-Based FoodIn light of recent events that require more strategic shopping, customers are purchasing frozen foods–especially frozen fruit and other produce. In fact, customers are purchasing thirty percent more frozen foods than they were at this time last year!

Grocery stores nationwide are finding it difficult to keep up with this demand for frozen fruit. Some may even discover that purchasing more from previous suppliers is not as cost-effective as they had once imagined.

In order to keep your grocery store clients’ shelves stocked and your bottom line met, it’s time to look for bulk frozen fruit suppliers. Read on to learn more about how buying your frozen fruit in bulk will benefit both you and your customers.

Don’t Get Caught Empty-Handed

Grocery store customers are growing more disgruntled as they come back from their weekly or biweekly shopping trips with less than half of the items on their list. Nonperishables, canned goods, and IQF foods are becoming harder and harder to find as the demand for them grows. Become a superhero by partnering with your clients to anticipate their customers’ needs so they can supply their stores accordingly!

When you order your products in bulk, you prepare yourself for increased sales and give yourself more room to place your next order before your shelves are empty. Imagine being the only grocery store in town that still had frozen fruit. That sounds pretty heroic in our book. Enabling the grocery stores you do business with to meet their produce supply needs will ensure a long partnership, as they continuously reflect on their gratitude to you for helping them maintain business during COVID-19.

Lower Your Purchasing Cost Per Unit

No matter the purchasing trends, it always makes good business sense for your clients to purchase products in bulk as it lowers their purchasing cost per unit. The trade-off is that they’ll have to spend more upfront since they’re buying far more units at once.

The good news is that buying IQF (or quick-frozen) foods in bulk is a low-risk endeavor. Unlike fresh produce, your clients are not racing the clock to sell their backstock. While the fruit has reached peak ripeness, they don’t need to worry about the quality diminishing until it becomes more than one year old.

In other words, while the upfront cost may be a little bit more than clients are used to, the cost per unit is significantly lower when they purchase products like frozen fruit in bulk. Plus, IQF foods have a long lifespan, so they don’t have to worry that they’re throwing that money away! Provide your grocery store purchasers with increased options by purchasing bulk frozen fruit for them to add to their stock.

Avoid Price Gouging

In theory, consumers are protected by state laws against price gouging during times like the present. However, there is ample evidence that major retailers have been raising prices on high demand goods, putting consumers in a tough position. Do they spend more money than normal or skip buying products they love and need?

When your clients save money on their products by purchasing them in bulk, they don’t need to participate in price gouging techniques in order to turn a profit. In fact, all they need to do is keep their prices the same as they were before they switched suppliers and they’ll turn a higher profit. They’ll value you for purchasing in bulk and keeping prices low, as it enables them to do the same.

When they keep their prices steady (or pass on their newfound savings to their customers), they stand out in your community. Today’s consumer is always in search of an ethical, caring business to support. Showing their customers that they care more about them than you do about turning an abnormally large profit is a great way to reveal themselves as an ethical business. Helping your grocery store clients attract business by revealing their ethical practices will only help you build long-term relationships with them.

Save Cold Storage Space

IQF Foods

We can’t speak for all frozen food distributors, but when you work with us at Sun Leaf Foods, you gain access to our unique cold chain program.

As frozen, plant-based food suppliers, we understand that your storage space–especially your cold storage space–is valuable real estate. You may want to buy in bulk but lack the room in your walk-in freezer. How do you purchase what you don’t have room for?

To create a solution that benefits both us and you, we decided to warehouse the products you’ve purchased that you aren’t ready to store immediately. In other words, it’s your backstock that you can pick up or receive at any time. We provided temporary cold storage so that you can reap the benefits of bulk purchasing without maxing out your own storage space.

Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Remember what we said about today’s consumer and their search for ethical businesses? Another great way to show your core values is to take steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

When you buy your products in bulk, the primary supplier does not have to use as much packaging to store and protect your shipment. This will reduce your cardboard, plastic, and possibly even styrofoam consumption.

Consolidating your IQF purchases by turning to one bulk supplier will also reduce the amount of gas needed to deliver products to your storefront. While we may not think about the gas we use for deliveries on a day to day basis, this tends to be one of the biggest uses of non-renewable energy for businesses.

Where to Find High-Quality Bulk Frozen Fruit Suppliers

When you’re in the market for bulk frozen fruit suppliers, consider your needs as well as those of your client and their customers. Make decisions that keep their shelves stocked, their overhead costs low, and their prices steady. Think about what kind of products their customers want and how much they can afford to spend on them.

At Sun Leaf Foods, we care as much about your customers as you do. That’s why we’ve come out with two different lines of frozen, plant-based foods: World’s Finest and Ready Fix. Both lines are filled with quality, delicious products at prices that will make all of your customers smile.

To learn more about our products, pricing, and cold chain storage, contact us today. We can’t wait to make your business needs become a reality!

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